Omshree Minerals & Chemicals

Calcite / Calcium Carbonate

We offer good quality Calcite (Natural Calcium  Carbonate) that is highly demanded in the market for its purity, extreme  whiteness, and free flowing nature. Micron Carb OSM grades of Calcite are  derived from selected mines an excessively pure  white.

The general chemical  composition of Calcite is:
 CaCo3 90% to 98 %
 MgO 1% to 5%
 Silica 1% to 3%
We are also doing coating on Calcium carbonate powder by stearic acid. The Coated Calcium Carbonate powder is used in  plastic compounds. Our available grades are 300 mesh to 2  micron particle size.

Packing : in 25kg, 50 kg bags & Jumbo bags

  • Improve  brightness/whiteness
  • Prevent  Chalking
  • Increase  Gloss
  • Better  Impact
  • Smooth  Flow

Recommended For
  • Paints, Powder Coating,
  • Ink
  • Sealants & Adhesives
  • Paper
  • Rubber
  • PVC Pipes,  PP LDPE Masterbatches, Cable compound
  • Leather & Textile  Industry
  • Glass &  Ceramic