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Diatomaceous Earth

Silicious Earth or Diatomaceous Earth Powder is  mainly composed of amorphous colloidal Silica and other Silicious matters.  Diatomaceous Earth Powder, offered by us, is  homogenous, creamy white, porous, soft, easily breakable and light weight  mineral. It has high absorption power. It is used in Pharmaceutical industry,  Chemical industry, Pesticides industry or as a filler, as insulating material,  mild abrasive, etc. Diatomaceous Earth Powder plays a crucial role in the  purification of beverages, food, water and other liquids.

Uses of Diatomaceous
  • Paints
  • Rubber
  • Ceramic Industries
  • Plastic
  • Paper Insulation
  • Fertilizer & Pesticides
  • Pigment and Synthetic Pigment
  • Use in agriculture as a soil conditioner
  • As an Anticaking Agent
  • Use as replacement of precipitated Silica
  • Acid, water and oil purification