Omshree Minerals & Chemicals

Talc / Soapstone

We offer high quality Talc/Soap stone Powder that is a metamorphic hydrated magnesium silicate extremely higher lamellar structure with a soapy feel and pearly luster. Fine Talc OSM grades are processed under strict quality control and uniform particle size. Our different grades are used widely as fillers/extenders in many applications.

  • Better hiding and gloss Good surface quality excellent scrub resistance 
  • Good burshbility, durability and Adhesion
  • Lower mould shrinkage reduced sagging
  • Maximum higher loading water resistance
  • Better stiffness & Impact strength

  • Paint industry
  • Masterbatches & Cable compound 
  • Ceramics and Paper 
  • Pesticides/Agrochemicals 
  • Rubber& Cosmetics
  • Soap and Detergent